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“Autoimmunity Clinical Strategies and Treatment Applications”

Video: Medicine is failing autoimmune patients

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A Rare Opportunity to Learn Correct Diagnosis and Treatment of Autoimmune Diseases with Dr. Datis Kharrazian

Today, autoimmune diseases are skyrocketing at an alarming rate throughout the world, and impacting all age groups.

More than 80 different autoimmune diseases have been identified affecting 50 million Americans, according to the American Autoimmune Related Diseases Association (AARDA).

They account for chronic conditions such as hypothyroidism, lupus, IBD, multiple sclerosis, rheumatoid arthritis, autoimmune diabetes, Guillain-Barre syndrome and more.

Autoimmune diseases are difficult to diagnose, often life-threatening, and incurable.

Tragically, many patients suffer for years with autoimmune symptoms and without a correct medical diagnosis or treatment.

Do You Feel Like You’re Hitting a Brick Wall When Treating Patients With Autoimmune Symptoms?

When working with autoimmune patients, it can often feel like you’ve got an unsolvable mystery on your hands.

You follow the best strategies you’ve learned through multiple seminars, yet your patients still don’t show much improvement.

Here’s the big problem…

If you’re like many practitioners, you may be following the same cookie-cutter protocol for all your patients, whether it’s a leaky gut protocol, a heavy metal protocol, an infection protocol, and so on.

While we know that any one of the mechanisms can be linked to autoimmune disease, rarely is autoimmunity the result of only one mechanism.

The Danger of Oversimplifying Autoimmune Diseases

Autoimmunity is not all about leaky gut. Or heavy metals, Lyme, mold, EBV, or parasites. You may have been taught that autoimmunity can be traced back to one of these things and that you treat those alone. And in truth, doing so may indeed help.

But here’s what you urgently need to understand…

If your entire focus is on treating autoimmunity’s intestinal permeability, then you’re going to fail with the majority of your patients. The same goes with anything treated as a “magic bullet.”

The truth is, you need to begin autoimmune treatment by diving deep into the mechanisms and physiology of why the patient has their chief complaint. So, for the best outcome for your patients, you need to understand all the different types of immune responses that take place and the real culprits. And that includes antigen-presenting cells, regulatory T-cells, regulatory B-cells, and the different types of immune responses that take place between various T helper populations, like TH3, TH17, and TH9.

You also should understand concepts associated with molecular mimicry, what increases cytotoxic T-cell activities, and the factors that cause regulatory T-cell dysfunction.

And there’s even more…

Your patients can have binding to different immune receptors, such as chemically induced binding. They can have cross-reactivity, dendritic cell failures, and binding of chemicals with different feedback loops of the endocrine system that switch on different types of immune cells. It may sound complicated, but I will teach you how to break down these basic autoimmune concepts with each patient so you can treat their unique underlying mechanisms.

As a practitioner, you need to understand how all those various factors contribute to autoimmunity, including the different types of immune responses that takes place. You’ll learn the multiple mechanisms of how autoimmune disorders develop, and how to manage autoimmunity through effective diet, nutrition, and lifestyle approaches.

How to Spot Autoimmune Disorders… Even Before You’ve Done Any Tests

Once you learn the early signs, you’ll be able to recognize autoimmune problems before you even run tests.

When a new patient arrives at your practice with an autoimmune disease, they’ve usually already consulted with a lengthy list of healthcare professionals, and desperately gone from practitioner to practitioner looking for relief. Rarely have they been accurately diagnosed. Another telltale sign is nothing seems to work for them.

Maybe a specific treatment will help them for a bit, but then it stops working and they move on to yet another supplement, diet, or protocol. Another common feature of autoimmune disease is the patient has multiple food sensitivities, and many common foods make them feel bad.

They may arrive at your office with their food in a Tupperware container because their diet is so limited, or carry around a large bag of supplements. When you encounter new patients like this – alarms should be going off that they likely have an autoimmune condition. Yet when it comes to testing and treatment, you may not be following the most accurate methods.

Dr. Kharrazian Will Show You Appropriate Evaluation and Testing


In the conventional medical model, most practitioners simply check for ANA antibodies. And if the results are negative, the patient is told they don’t have autoimmunity. But an ANA antibody test misses many common autoimmune diseases.

For instance, some people have antibodies to their thyroid gland, their cartilage tissue, or their lower intestinal track. An ANA antibody test won’t detect these.

Clearly, there are many different types of autoimmunity presentation and autoimmune mechanisms. To best help those patients struggling with “mystery” ailments no one else hs been able to help, you need to understand the immunological basics.

During this exciting course, Dr. Kharrazian will teach you how to properly evaluate someone for autoimmunity, including testing, examination, history, and presentation. Once you learn how to accurately evaluate your patients’ conditions, the course will also show you the exact steps to manage them and greatly improve their overall quality of life.

There’s No One-Size-Fits-All Protocol

Most practitioners don’t really understand autoimmunity, so they simplify treatment into one protocol for all their patients.

They believe they only need to fix their leaky gut, and their autoimmune symptoms will clear up.

Or, they treat autoimmunity as heavy metal toxicity.

Or, they believe it’s the result of a chronic infection and put the patient on a regimen of supplements.

Or, they put the patient on a strict Paleo diet.

If any of those is your go-to approach, it’s a recipe for clinical failure for many of your patients.

Why Alternative Medicine Fails to Successfully Treat Autoimmunity

You’ll run into problems if you put all your patients on the same restrictive diets, such as the autoimmune Paleo (AIP) diet. For many patients, the AIP diet becomes overly narrowed to too few foods due to their existing food sensitivities. Their already compromised gut diversity and symptoms worsen as they completely lose their oral tolerance. Oral tolerance is the ability of the gut’s immune system to not react against dietary food proteins.

Since the AIP diet leads many patients to lose their immune tolerance, they begin reacting to other things beyond food. Also, newer research shows many foods on the AIP diet can actually cause molecular mimicry, or cross-reactivity, with neurological tissue.

In other words, “legal” AIP foods can actually be triggering autoimmune flare ups in patients with those sensitivities. Another common treatment by practitioners is to look for heavy metals, and give their patients chelation therapy.

The truth is, everyone has very high levels of heavy metals in modern society. So, if you test for them, you’re going to find them. However, many patients get worse, and even very sick, when they do chelation therapy. Recent studies show that chelators like EDTA, DMPS, DMSA can actually redistribute these heavy metals into neurological tissue.

For the best success with your patients…

The clinical strategy that’s most effective with autoimmune disease management is to figure out which auto-antibodies are involved, where the target proteins are, and what part of the immune system is dysfunctional.

Since it’s a non-curable disease, your goal is to help your patients stay in a remission for as long as possible, and then assist them in quickly recovering when they experience a flare-up.

You’ll Learn The #1 Most Overlooked Clinical Factor with Autoimmune Disease

Many people are surprised to learn the treatment that has the biggest impact on autoimmune disease isn’t a nutritional supplement, specific diet, or protocol. It’s actually lifestyle, and the patient’s social environment.

Most practitioners keep looking for the next supplement, the next diet, or the next protocol to try and improve their patients’ health. And they neglect to focus on the patient’s everyday life. If you work with autoimmune disease patients, it’s really about treating the whole patient, and all the various factors that are involved in their life.

Dr. Kharrazian will teach you the specific lifestyle mechanisms that can impact autoimmunity, and effective lifestyle strategies your patients can implement to manage autoimmunity.

In Dr. Datis Kharrazian’s Groundbreaking Course…

Dr. Kharrazian will personally teach you a step-by-step clinical approach to identify the underlying mechanisms of autoimmune disorders.

The comprehensive Autoimmunity Clinical Strategies and Treatment Applications course is based on more than 20 years of experience working with patients throughout the U.S. and Europe, breakthrough scientific research, and his own time-tested clinical strategies. You’ll learn the various autoimmune immune mechanisms, along with diagnostic strategies to identify and diagnose neurological autoimmune disorders.

He will present evidence-based models incorporating diet, nutrition, and lifestyle protocols. Clinical applications of cross-reactivity, oral tolerance, microbiome diversity, and immune modulation will also be highlighted. Dr. Kharrazian will share with you the same clinical strategies and treatment applications he personally uses for successful evaluation and management of autoimmune diseases.

By the end of course, you’ll have an effective clinical model from the minute a patient walks into your office with chronic “mystery” symptoms. You’ll learn correct diagnosis, assessment, treatment plans, and follow-up.

Dr. Datis Kharrazian Will Personally Teach You…

A comprehensive and engaging review of immunology.

The fundamental concepts of autoimmunity.

The various factors that contribute to autoimmunity, and the different types of immune responses that takes place.

The scientific literature for nutrients, dietary approaches, and lifestyle factors that impact autoimmune diseases.

How to utilize T-cell, B-cell, and antibody laboratory testing.

The clinical history and physical examination findings found with autoimmunity.

A proven approach to managing autoimmunity with a functional medicine model.

Lifestyle and social variables that improve microbiome diversity.

How to correctly use nutraceuticals and dietary interventions for autoimmunity.

Clinical applications of cross-reactivity, oral tolerance, microbiome diversity, and immune modulation.

The exact protocols he uses while working with autoimmune diseases.

And much more!

Dr. Kharrazian is the Worldwide Leader in Diagnosing and Treating Autoimmune Diseases

Datis Kharrazian, PhD, DHSc, DC, MS, MMSc, FACN, is a Harvard Medical School trained researcher, clinical research scientist, academic professor, and a functional medicine health care provider. Dr. Kharrazian earned a Master of Medical Science degree (MMSc) in Clinical Investigation from Harvard Medical School, and is a member of the Harvard Medical Alumni Association and the American Association of Immunologists.

Today, Dr. Kharrazian’s clinical models of functional medicine are used by several academic institutions, and thousands of health care clinics and practices providers throughout the world.

He maintains a private practice near San Diego, California, and consults with patients from all over the world who are seeking non-pharmaceutical alternatives. His practice is focused on developing a personalized medical approach using diet, nutrition, and lifestyle approaches.

After decades of analyzing thousands of studies and working with patients in the United States and Europe, Dr. Kharrazian developed never-taught-before clinical strategies to successfully treat autoimmunity.


Dr. Kharrazian has been a prominent educator and highly-respected clinician in the functional medicine community since the inception of functional medicine. He is an expert clinician and an innovator in this field.



I have had the pleasure of knowing Dr. Kharrazian for more than a decade and observing his professional growth and impact as a key opinion leader in the field of Functional Neurology. He is voracious in his pursuit of learning and skill development. His pursuit of post-graduate studies at Harvard in research methods has embellished his already significant expertise in systems medicine and its application to Functional Medicine. He has a unique skill in making complex information accessible to his students and patients alike, which is a measure of an individual who is a master of his field. Dr. Kharrazian is a humble, quietly competent leader who leads by example and his presence. The Functional Medicine field is rapidly evolving, and it is through the work and leadership of a select group of professionals, of which Dr. Kharrazian is a recognized leader, that it is growing in both its adoption and successful application to the treatment of complex chronic diseases. It is truly a pleasure to call Dr. Kharrazian both a colleague and friend in our mutual advocacy in the development and application of Functional Medicine.


Why is Dr. Kharrazian’s Autoimmunity Course Different?

Dr. Kharrazian is an actual clinician who has been successfully treating chronic autoimmune symptoms in the United States and Europe for more than 20 years.

Dr. Kharrazian has witnessed countless real-life patient scenarios and developed proven strategies to address commonly overlooked issues.

Dr. Kharrazian is both a scientist and an educator.

Dr. Kharrazian has been an innovator in the field of functional medicine since its inception.

Dr. Kharrazian stays continually up-to-date with the latest scientific and medical research.

Dr. Kharrazian was trained as a clinical investigator (Master of Medical Science in Clinical Investigation) at Harvard Medical School and can effectively share with you the most relevant research.

Dr. Kharrazian has published a number of immunology studies in the most respected medical journals in the world.


Dr. Kharrazian’s work represents the vanguard in our understanding of the role of lifestyle choices in charting the brain’s destiny. His highly effective educational outreach has opened the door for countless healthcare providers, allowing them to dramatically increase their effectiveness in treating and indeed preventing so many of the pernicious conditions that plague our modern society.



Dr. Datis Kharrazian is one of the most powerful clinicians of our time. From the lab to the clinic, he has studied, vetted, and applied his cutting-edge science to heal patients all over the world. I consider him to be a foremost authority in a systems approach to recovery and wellness.



Dr. Kharrazian is a brilliant clinician educator who has inspired many, myself included. He is superb at teaching clinicians the power of using functional medicine-oriented history and physical examination to understand and address the root causes of disease and health. Integrating the latest research and years of clinical experience, Dr. Kharrazian, is an international leader in Functional Medicine.


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The Kharrazian Institute’s Autoimmunity course is scheduled for November 9-10, 2019 at Hilton Garden Inn – Carlsbad Beach, 6450 Carlsbad Blvd., Carlsbad, CA. Phone: (760) 476-0800

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Testimonials about the Kharrazian Institute Courses

– Carri

The very first course I attended with Dr. Kharrazian was his Functional Endocrinology course back in 2003 and boy did that ever rock my world. His Kharrazian Institute Neuroinflammation course just did the same thing… but on a MUCH larger scale. It’s a total game changer. Paradigm shifting. I’m 20+ years in practice and I’ve noticed patients are getting so much harder to treat, with much more complex and chronic issues, and now I have a much better understanding why and what to do about it! Dr. K — thank you for putting this revolutionary information together!

– Christopher

I’ve practiced 23 years and one of my biggest pet peeves was “shooting blind.” By this I mean, “It’s been determined by years of clinical use that such and such a remedy is good for the treatment of X.” I always felt inadequate, exposed, and unsure of the variables. I can’t express in words the degree of appreciation I have for your dedication to determining mechanisms, researching studies, and most importantly breaking down this disparate information into readily accessible and mostly easy to understand, maps of malfunctioning physiology. I have found it invaluable. As you repeatedly stressed at your Functional Neurology Seminars program in the past, it’s sloppy clinical work to proceed with treatment until a clear picture of where the dominos fell first is figured out, so the appropriate treatment is arrived at. A million thanks to a fabulous contributor.

– Steven

This seminar was more eye opening about why some of these chronic failures we’ve all had as practitioners need more of a neuro-metabolic approach and to give yourself and the patient time and give realistic expectations so we both don’t get burned out or disappointed. That was huge for me. Thanks Dr. Kharrazian.

– Diego

This has been a freaking gorgeous course. Looking forward to the digestive health course in September.

– Xavier

What a blessing to have been able to follow that neuroinflammation course. Full of scientific data but lots of clinical applications that are very helpful for practitioners. I’m very happy to be able to follow that course since nothing is available like this in France. This should be taught in med school. Thank you Dr. Datis Kharrazian!

– Judy

What a brilliant lecture and very clinical. Hammering home the points and reviewing while we went along really prepared me for the exam. So practical and I will be attending the next two in the series. Very well done. Really can’t say enough good things today. Thanks to everyone involved to pull it off and make livestream possible for me here in Canada.

– Greg

Dr. Kharrazian has literally given me hope and if I could use one word to describe my weekend it would be “PROFOUND”. I am truly grateful for you!!!

– Lapis

Thanks for the excellent, clinically translatable course; with much appreciation for the lucid organization and abundant supportive documents.

More Testimonials


Dr. Kharrazian is one of the greatest minds in the functional medicine space. He’s a trailblazer and an innovator. His courses are gold and his direction is wise. If you’re in healthcare and are ready to be on the right side of history, study with this man.


Dr. Kharrazian is one of the most skilled Functional medicine practitioners in the country. His understanding of interrelationships in physiology puts him in the top tier of Functional Medicine writers and educators in this country.


Datis Kharrazian is truly among the great medical geniuses of our time. His capacity to think outside the box is second to none. He brings cutting-edge insights to the table that others have missed along the way and for this we should be eternally grateful.


Dr. Kharrazian is a leader in functional medicine, always looking to discover the root cause of illness or dysfunction in the body and, most importantly, uncovering novel therapies to improve optimal function.


Dr. Kharrazian’s education gave me the knowledge and confidence to take on complicated chronic cases. I would not have the patient success I have without the information I gained from Dr. Kharrazian. I have taken many seminars by many different doctors but I could not do what I do without the knowledge I gained from Dr. Kharrazian.


Dr. Kharrazian’s education has been pivotal in every aspect of my practice. His curriculum has been my foundation for building seven thriving functional medicine clinics. I couldn’t ask for a more rewarding career path.


In the last decade, I have seen Dr. Kharrazian change the landscape of healthcare. His ability to integrate functional medicine, immunology, and neurology is second to none. Individuals like Dr. Kharrazian come around once in a lifetime. I could not be more honored to learn from him and consider him to be a wonderful mentor. I sincerely believe the Kharrazian Institute will continue to evolve health care.


Dr. Kharrazian’s teachings have made more of a difference than anything else I’ve studied. His way of explaining things has been the most clear and relevant and his treatment recommendations the most efficient and effective. I’m thankful beyond words for all he’s contributed to both my personal health and my professional growth.