Instructor: Datis Kharrazian, PhD, DHSc, DC, MS, MMSc, DACNB, DACBN, FACN

Location: On Demand Video

Credit Available: 12 hours with successful completion of 2 exams. See complete credit information HERE.

Course Description

This course will provide an extensive literature review of microglia, neuroimmunity, and current diseases that involve an underlying neuroinflammatory pathophysiology.  An evidence-based model incorporating diet, nutrition, and lifestyle medicine will be presented. Clinical applications to glial priming, laboratory tests, patient history, and physical examination will be presented in detail.

Learning Objectives

  1. Understand the role of glial cells in brain function
  2. Review the basic concepts of neuroimmunology
  3. Review the scientific literature for nutrients, dietary approaches, and lifestyle factors that impact neuroinflammation
  4. Understand the clinical concepts of glial priming
  5. Learn how to identify neuroinflammation from patient history
  6. Learn examination and laboratory findings found with neuroinflammation
  7. Learn how to identify neuroinflammation with MRI and other imaging studies

Neuroinflammation Clinical Strategies and Treatment Applications

On Demand Course Schedule


Session 1 (90 minutes): Introduction to Neuroinflammation Concepts

  • Basic concepts of neuroinflammation
  • Diseases that involve neuroinflammatory pathophysiology
  • Clinical presentations of subtle neuroinflammatory reactions

Session 2 (90 minutes): Understanding Clinical Severities of Neuroinflammation

  • Glial neuron networks
  • Glial pruning
  • Protective and inflammatory roles of microglia
  • The role of astroglial cells and the blood-brain barrier

Session 3 (90 minutes): Lifestyle and Dietary Approaches for Neuroinflammation

  • Antigen presentation in the brain
  • The role of peripheral signaling agents in activation of brain glial cells
  • The role of glial cell priming

Session 4 (60 minutes): Microglia Pathophysiology and Nutraceutical Strategies

  • Literature review of nutrients, flavonoids, and botanicals in the management of neuroinflammation
  • Literature review of various diets in the management of neuroinflammation
  • Literature review of lifestyle factors in the management of neuroinflammation

Session 5 (15 minutes): Review of Part 1

Session 6 (15 minutes): Questions and Answers


Session 7 (90 minutes): Blood-Brain Barrier Permeability and Clinical Applications

  • Medical history findings with neuroinflammation
  • Examination findings with neuroinflammation
  • Laboratory findings with neuroinflammation
  • Imaging findings with neuroinflammation

Session 8 (90 minutes): How to Evaluate Neuroinflammation in a Clinical Setting

Session 9 (90 minutes): Clinical Management of Neuroinflammation 

  • Systems biology approach to neuroinflammation
  • Blood glucose stability
  • Gut-brain interactions
  • Antecedents and triggers

Session 10 (60 minutes): Neuroinflammatory Clinical Case Studies

  • Three case studies
  • Clinical principals learned from case studies

Session 11 (15 minutes): Review of Part 2

Session 12 (15 minutes): Questions and Answers