Instructor: Datis Kharrazian, PhD, DHSc, DC, MS, MMSc, DACNB, DACBN, FACN

Location: On Demand Videos

Credit Available: 12 hours total

Course Description

This course will provide an extensive literature review of infertility, prenatal risk factors, and clinical factors associated with maternal health.  An evidence-based model incorporating diet, nutrition, and lifestyle medicine will be presented. Clinical applications of dietary management, nutritional supplementation, and environmental triggers associated with infertility and pregnancy will be highlighted.

Learning Objectives

  1. Review of reproductive endocrinology.
  2. Physiological mechanisms that impact fertility.
  3. Literature review of dietary, nutritional, and lifestyle factors that impact fertility.
  4. Review the principles of medical history, physical examination, and laboratory evaluation for infertility, prenatal health, and general maternal health.
  5. Monitor clinical approaches to manage infertility with a functional medicine model.
  6. Learn how to develop a personalized and evidence-based prenatal program.

Infertility, Prenatal Care, and Maternal Health Clinical Strategies and Treatment Applications

Part 1

Session 1: Introduction and Pathophysiology of Infertility

  • Clinical presentation of infertility
  • Epidemiology of infertility
  • Pathophysiology of infertility
  • Diagnostic criteria for infertility

Session 2: The Physiological Web of Infertility

  • Dysfunctions in the physiological web of hormone regulation and fertility
  • The role of immune, endocrine, brain, and vascular functions associated with infertility

Session 3: Diet, Nutrition, and Lifestyle Interventions for Infertility

  • The role of diet and infertility
  • A literature review of diet and lifestyle factors that impact infertility

Session 4: Nutraceutical Approaches for Infertility

  • A literature review of nutraceuticals for infertility

Session 5: Review of Part 1

Session 6: Q&A for Part 1

Part 2

Session 7: Prenatal and Maternal Health Concepts and Clinical Strategies

  • Literature review of risk factors for a health pregnancy
  • The impact of diet, nutrition, and lifestyle for prenatal and maternal health
  • How to develop an evidence-based and personalized prenatal program
  • How to support maternal health throughout pregnancy and post-partum

Session 8: How to Perform a Comprehensive Evaluation for Infertility

  • Fundamental principles of medical history for infertility
  • Fundamental principles of physical examination for infertility
  • How to evaluate laboratory tests for infertility and hormone balance

Session 9: How to Clinically Manage Patients Suffering from Infertility

  • Help in developing dietary, nutritional, and lifestyle strategies for patients suffering from infertility
  • How to develop realistic clinical outcomes

Session 10: Infertility Clinical Case Studies

  • Clinical principles learned from case studies

Session 11: Review of Part 2

Session 12: Q&A for Part 2