The Kharrazian Institute designs clinical coursework that can be immediately implemented into clinical practice. Training focuses on skills to evaluate and manage chronic conditions, including laboratory analysis, physical examination, medical history taking, differential diagnosis, and developing individualized treatment strategies. 

The global population of patients with chronic and challenging conditions is large and rapidly expanding, yet patients remain vastly underserved when it comes to qualified practitioners. To meet this growing need, the Kharrazian Institute offers two arms of clinical education:

  1. A series of 18 courses on specific health conditions that review the scientific literature and synthesize the information into specific clinical topics.  
  1. A Clinical Mastership Training Program that provides clinical training with real-life patient case study grand rounds, interviews with experts, physical exams, laboratory analysis, and specialized lectures.  


Advanced Functional Medicine Certification™

Members of the Kharrazian Institute can choose courses that interest them, or they can pursue the entire series for certification as an Advanced Functional Medicine Practitioner™ or Advanced Functional Medicine Health Coach™. 

Certification requires completion of all 18 courses (200 hours) and 100 hours in the Clinical Mastership Training Program. Members may be simultaneously enrolled in both the Kharrazian Institute courses and the Clinical Mastership Training Program. The KI Courses and Clinical Mastery Program are separate programs and require separate signups. You will have access to the past and future modules, as long as your subscription is active. When you cancel your subscription, access to all modules is cancelled.

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