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The very first course I attended with Dr. K was his Functional Endocrinology course back in 2003 and boy did that ever rock my world. His Neuroinflammation course just did the same thing…but on a MUCH larger scale. It’s a total game changer. Paradigm shifting. I’m 20+ years in practice and I’ve noticed patients are getting so much harder to treat, with much more complex and chronic issues, and now I have a much better understanding why and what to do about it! Dr. K,  thank you for putting this revolutionary information together! — Carri


Dr. Kharrazian has literally given me hope and if I could use one word to describe my weekend it would be “PROFOUND”. I am truly grateful for you!!! – Greg


Every practitioner needs this information. We are presented with complex cases and have a shortage of answers. This groundbreaking research is a game changer that will help many long-suffering people. – Bridgit


Globally, chronic mental and physical illness is on the rise. To deal with this global crisis we need such a rich research-based knowledge to guide our health systems at an educational, practice, policy, and insurance level. – Maryam


What a brilliant lecture and very clinical. Hammering home the points and reviewing while we went along really prepared me for the exam. So practical and I will be attending the next two in the series. Very well done. Really can’t say enough good things today. Thanks to everyone involved to pull it off and make livestream possible for me here in Canada. – Judy


What a blessing to have been able to follow that neuroinflammation course. Full of scientific data but lots of clinical applications that are very helpful for practitioners. I’m very happy to be able to follow that course since nothing is available like this in France. This should be taught in med school. Thank you Dr. Datis Kharrazian! – Xavier


Indeed, it was awesome and so applicable in clinic!!! Thank you!!!!! – Dagmar


This has been a freaking gorgeous course. Looking forward to the digestive health course in September. – Diego


I am an ND student about to graduate, and I feel like this course has filled in a missing piece. I would say the content is applicable to most of the patients I have been seeing in the clinic. Super excited for the upcoming Gastrointestinal course because as an ND student, I think it is a requirement to love GI health. – Tina


I was so impressed by the weekend that I would like to create an educational PowerPoint Presentation for the office to educate our chronically inflamed patients. – Thomas


Thank you so much for your excellent course. The “primed glia” distinction is a clinical game changer and it just opened my eyes to my failure as a clinician to help many patients with recurring flare-ups, leading them to continue their endless path from one practitioner to the next. – Paul


Just after the course, I had a one-year-ago post stroke patient walk into my office. Hard neurological signs of dizziness, paresthesia, and fatigue along with major digestive complaints. History of chronic migraines since a child. This course could not have come at a better time. I was able to explain to him precisely what I believed was happening based on the concepts Dr. Kharrazian lectured about. So exciting! – Ernesto


I wanted to say thanks to Dr. Kharrazian for sharing realistic case studies more than anything. At most seminars the ones shared are where they are knocked out of the park and a person is out of their wheelchair in one week and I feel deflated and wonder why I suck so hard at neurology. Realistic results in a realistic timeline. Thanks again for staying grounded, Dr. Kharrazian. – Jared


This seminar was more eye opening about why some of these chronic failures we’ve all had as practitioners need more of a neuro-metabolic approach and to give yourself and the patient time and give realistic expectations so we both don’t get burned out or disappointed. That was huge for me. Thanks Dr. Kharrazian. – Steven


I’ve practiced 23 years and one of my biggest pet peeves was “shooting blind.” By this I mean, “It’s been determined by years of clinical use that such and such a remedy is good for the treatment of X.” I always felt inadequate, exposed, and unsure of the variables. I can’t express in words the degree of appreciation I have for your dedication to determining mechanisms, researching studies, and most importantly breaking down this disparate information into readily accessible and mostly easy to understand, maps of malfunctioning physiology. I have found it invaluable. As you repeatedly stressed at your Functional Neurology Seminars program in the past, it is sloppy clinical work to proceed with treatment until a clear picture of where the dominos fell first is figured out, so the appropriate treatment is arrived at. A million thanks to a fabulous contributor. – Christopher


Thanks for the excellent, clinically translatable course; with much appreciation for the lucid organization and abundant supportive documents. – Lapis