WELCOME TO THE KI MONTHLY SUBSCRIPTION. After registering for our monthly subscription, you will have access to all videos and course materials for all past and future courses as long as your subscription remains active. This new subscription process will not affect existing registrants that previously purchased one or more courses. You will still have the same access to any courses you purchased in the past with the same original expiration dates.

For all new livestream courses not yet available in your menu, those courses will be added to your membership portal when they become available for regular livestream registration (about 6 weeks before the livestream date). You will have access to the livestream on the livestream weekend (see dates on homepage), and to On Demand replays after the livestream. You will be also notified via email when the pre-course and course materials for future courses are made available on the KI Learning website.

IMPORTANT: We recommend taking one course at a time until you receive the KI Certificate of Completion for that course. If you jump around from one course to another and miss videos or exams, it is not the responsibility of KI to tell you what you are missing. We recommend finishing the exams around 30 days after you watch all videos in each module in order to get the appropriate credit from NUHS. Waiting too long may delay credit. Educational rules vary state to state, and CE credit information for livestream attendance is available HERE. Current status for CE credits via ON Demand video replays for state licenses is located HERE.

If you’d like to know more about each course, please select ‘Courses’ or ‘Register Now’ in the website menu, or select any of the links on the KI homepage.

Monthly KI Subscription (all past and future courses)

This monthly subscription gives you ongoing access to all videos, course notes, testing, and transcripts for all past and future courses on the KI homepage. On the day you register, you will be billed the monthly fee ($295) + setup fee ($500). After the initial registration, you will be billed $295 monthly for continued access. The setup fee ($500) is billed any time you ‘stop and restart’ the subscription.

Please notify info@kharrazianinstitute.com 30 days before the date you wish to discontinue access, to give us time to process your request. When you cancel, your access will end 30 days after your last monthly payment.

Please notify us 30 days in advance if you are expecting changes to your credit card information, or simply update your credit card info at the ‘My Account” link in the menu before the credit card would be declined.

There are no student discounts. If you have questions, please email us HERE.

Subscribers to all courses will have access to all course materials and the 2 exams. After watching all videos and successfully completing both online examinations, you will receive the “KI Certificate of Completion”. You are not complete for each course unless you watch all videos and pass both exams. CE credits are available through NUHS.

CE Credits and KI Certificate of Completion

Please complete the KI course before you order the CE Credits from National University. You are NOT complete for the course unless you pass both exams AND watch the livestream or all videos for both days AND after you have received the KI Certificate of Completion.

When requesting an attendance verification from NUHS, registrants will need to list the title of the course(s) for which they’d like an attendance verification and through whom they took the course(s): Kharrazian Institute.