Please read the FAQs before contacting the Kharrazian Institute for help. If you have a question unanswered by the FAQs, please contact us via email per the contact info listed at the bottom of the FAQs.


Do you have a subscription for all courses?

Yes. After registering for our monthly subscription, you will have access to all videos and course materials for all past and future courses as long as your subscription remains active. This new subscription process will not affect existing registrants that previously purchased one or more courses. You will still have the same access to any courses you purchased in the past with the same original expiration dates. Read more HERE.

What are the prices for each KI Course?


$295 per month for access to all KI courses as long as your subscription is active. $500 setup fee at the start of the subscription.


Courses 1-14: On Demand Registration (These courses are 12 hours each)
$795 per course (Access to all materials for 1 year from your registration date)
See Website Homepage for Course Topics.

Course 15: On Demand Registration (Essentials of Functional Medicine – 8 hour course)
$495 (Access to all materials for 1 year from your registration date)

Course 16: On Demand Registration (Chronic Inflammation – 6.5 hour course)
$495 (Access to all materials for 1 year from your registration date)

Courses 17-19 (being presented via livestream in 2024-2025 with On Demand Video Replays available after the livestream) – These 1-day courses are 6 hours each.

(Respiratory and Sinus Conditions, Headaches and Migraines, Chronic Degenerative Joint and Bone Conditions… see website homepage for details)

$495 per course (Access to all materials for 1 year from your registration date)

Clinical Masterclass (5-hours each): $495 per course (Access to all materials for 1 year from your registration date).

Please note: Student pricing no longer available. Livestream registration ends on Thursday night preceding the livestream presentation. On-Demand Videos (Online replays) of each course will be available after the livestream. If you registered for live or livestream, you already have access to the Online replays as long as your access has not expired.

Each of the courses can be attended independently of one another. You can choose specific courses of interest or attend the entire program.

Registration for each course includes ongoing access to case discussions on a private Facebook group. Access to the private Facebook group will only be provided to registered or active registrants. Numerous cases and concepts to ingrain concepts from the course will be presented, in addition to preparation for the next course. You can request admission to the members-only Facebook group once your registration is complete.

** Exact registration periods are stated on the registration page for each individual course.

Where are the prices for the Clinical Mastery Program?

The Clinical Mastery program is 20 modules total at $199 per month and you’ll receive 1 new module per month as long as your subscription is active.Your clinical mastery subscription continues until you cancel. The KI subscription and Clinical Mastery subscription are separate programs.

CLICK HERE for more information.

How do I cancel my subscription?

To cancel any KI subscription, please email

When and where are the courses?

Live Streaming and Online Replays: at the website emailed to live streaming and online subscribers

Do the courses need to be taken in any order?

No, each course is designed without any previous course requirements. You can choose whichever course topics you are interested in taking. However, all of the courses are designed to connect with each other if you are interested in learning the bigger picture.

Are there plans to present in another location?

There are no plans to teach this program more than once or at any other location.

I'm a practitioner, can I register as a student?

Student pricing no longer available.

Do I need to be a doctor or a healthcare professional to take these courses?

Technically No, but the courses are designed for licensed healthcare professionals.  If you do not have a solid background in healthcare or medical sciences the information may be too difficult to understand. You will also not be given continuing education units (CEUs) or course completion certificates if you are not a licensed healthcare professional.

Do I have to attend the course in person or can I do it online?

Live onsite is no longer available. You can register for access via livestream and would also have access to the online replays for 1-year after the livestream.

You can purchase any of the courses as on-demand video replays after the date of the livestream. However, you will not be able to take advantage of early registration discounts.

How do I ask questions about the information I am learning throughout the program?

Once you have registered for any of the courses you will be given access to our members only Facebook page. We have recruited several expert clinicians to help answer questions. Course attendees will also be given the opportunity to ask questions about personal cases and discuss any course topics they have questions about with our experts and the many talented healthcare professionals involved with attending our programs.


What browser should I use for the livestreaming or On Demand courses?

If you need CE credits or the KI Certificate of Completion, use the Chrome browser (best tracking for attendance) with default settings and no private or incognito windows, no add ons, extensions, pop-up blockers, etc. To reset your browser to default settings, search ‘Chrome default setting’ and follow the simple instructions.

Please reload or refresh your browser after login. Refreshing your browser may reveal new content or menu items that a cached browser is hiding! If you do not logout daily, refreshing your browser is critical for accessing new materials. All videos and both exams are required to be complete for the course. Viewing the content in a group setting will only credit the registrant whose username is being used.

What type of internet connection is best for the live-streaming course?

Broadband or DSL connection is fastest. Please note: if you are using a smartphone or tablet to watch the live streaming video, make sure you are connected to WIFI as you will be streaming data and could incur data charges if not connected to WIFI.

Can I use smartphones, tablets, and laptops for the course?

The live streaming online video course is designed to be accessed from one browser or device at a time. Please don’t try to have the website open on your laptop, your smartphone, and your tablet all at once. Logout when you’re done or when moving from one device to another.

Only open the live streaming online video course in one browser at a time. Before you close your browser window, select the logout link in the bottom left corner under the navigation menu. This will prevent issues when logging back on a different device.

If you need CE credits or the KI Certificate of Completion, use Chrome browser with default settings and no add ons, extensions, pop-up blockers, etc.

What's the quickest way to solve a technical problem?

Many technical problems can be easily corrected by clearing your browser cache. If you experience difficulties, try closing any browser windows, and then clearing your cache. Here’s a LINK that includes instructions for clearing cache on various browsers and systems.

I’m having trouble viewing the live-stream or videos. What should I do?

Take the following steps:

1. Log out in the bottom left corner of the course, then log back in with your username and password. This will refresh access; If not, try #2.

2. Refresh your browser by first clearing your cache. Then quit the browser application completely and reopen it. We highly recommend using Safari, Firefox or Chrome.

How long do I have access to the video?

All registration types (Early Bird, Pre-Registration and Standard Registration) will have 1-year access to the videos and all courses materials from the original live or livestream date. On Demand video replay registrations will have 1-year access to the videos and all courses materials from your registration date.

What if I have other questions not shown here?

If you have any additional content questions, open a discussion on the Kharrazian Institute members-only Facebook page.

I’ve sent an email and I’ve gotten no response. Please help!

Please check your spam/junk folder first. If you haven’t had a response in 24 hours, please send the request again. For questions, send HERE ; and, for technical issues send HERE. If you have questions over the weekend, you’ll hear back on Monday.

How do I change my email address for the Kharrazian Institute website?

Click on the My Account link at the bottom of the menu on the left (you must be logged in to see the page). Click on the button that says “Update Payment Info” and a new window will pop up where you’ll see your current email address we have on file for your login. Enter in the email address you prefer and click on “Save Payment Info.”

IMPORTANT: Doing this will change the email address you use to login but It will not change the main communication email on record where you receive your Certificates or get course announcements. Best is to contact us at to update both email addresses at the same time!


What will I receive ahead of time to prepare me for the course?

Prior the course, attendees will be emailed a link to course notes and research articles in electronic format. Reading material will be suggested on the Facebook group that is only open to course registrants.

Are there notes with each course?

Yes, there are notes you can download for each module.

Is there an online location to find reading recommendations and discussion to prepare for the course?

Reading recommendations and discussions to prepare attendees will be conducted at the KI members-only Facebook group for registrants. Pre-Course material will be available at the website. (all links will be emailed when you register)

Where can I post questions about the course?

You can ask questions about and discuss the course material on the Kharrazian Institute Members-Only Facebook group for registrants (the link will be emailed when you register).

Can I attend the course online?

The course can be attended in person (ONSITE) in Carlsbad, California or by live streaming (ONLINE). After live-streaming, registrants can watch online replays but state approvals for educational credits may be different for each. ALL ONLINE REPLAYS WILL BE AVAILABLE WITHIN 48 HOURS AFTER THE LIVE PRESENTATION.  

Is there a required examination at the end of the course?

Details on the exam requirements is located at the website. NUHS has approved credit hours for this program by live-streaming webinars (including online replays) but you should take the exams within 4 weeks after the live / livestream presentation. For subscribers to the online replays after the live presentation, it is recommended that you complete all exams within 4 weeks of your registration date. Exams are required for livestream and video replays to receive CE credit (when available), or to receive the KI Certificate of Completion.

Is the examination open book?

Yes, the test is online and open book.

What grade is required to pass the test?

A grade of 70% is required to pass the test.

May I retake the test if I fail the first time?

Healthcare professionals wanting state hours through NUHS (when available) may only take the quiz twice and must receive a passing score of 70%. After two failed attempts, if you want credit for the module, you must notify the Kharrazian Institute that you are repeating the course (watching all replays and taking exams over). Our website will need to reset your profile, and report the results of your second attendance.

Is the order of lectures progressive so the knowledge is progressive?

Each course is independent of the others and does not require attendance of previous courses.


What is required to receive a Certificate of Completion?

The KI Certificate of Completion requires the participant complete each course and pass all post-course online examinations. If you pass both exams and receive a certificate of completion but do not complete attendance as monitored by our website, you will be reported to NUHS as incomplete status for the course. You are considered incomplete for the course if you have not received the KI Certificate of Completion.

Is the Kharrazian Institute program recognized by the National University of Health Sciences (NUHS)?

All of the courses at the Kharrazian Institute are approved for postgraduate education by National University of Health Sciences (NUHS).  NUHS is an accredited university that is recognized by the United States Department of Education.  This is the standard that provides verification to state and local education that the education at the Kharrazian Institute meets the academic standards of education provided in the United States. Please check states approved for CE credits at the website.

Do all states approve streaming/online education for credit hour recognition?

No, not all states approve streaming/online education for credit hour recognition. National University of Health Sciences (NUHS) has applied for state licensure hours for Doctors of Chiropractic for most states in the United States for both LIVESTREAM and ONLINE education. The website will be updated as states approve the each KI course for CE credits

I have completed several modules through another institute, but am not yet eligible for the exam. Can I mix hours from that institute with these to become eligible for the exam sooner?

Credit hours for the American Chiropractic Neurology Board will only be approved if presented by a CAGEN approved institution.

How can I receive the attendance verification certificate for CE credits towards my state license?

For DCs (USA only): If you require CE credits (when available) toward your state license, you must purchase the NUHS transcript after completing each course or a series of courses (as applicable) at the Kharrazian Institute’s Education Credits page.


Will the course material be available after the course?

Yes, a recording of the live course and all course materials will be available online for attendees to review the material.

How long are courses available for viewing after the live class?

Online replays of each course is available after the original live presentation to all paid registrants. Access is 1-year.

Will the lecture be available on DVD, a flash drive, or do we need to download it?

The course will not be on DVD or flash drive. You will only have online access to the course material for a period of time based on your registration type.

Will there be transcripts of the courses?

Yes, they will be available on the KI Learning website (video replays page for each course) as a downloadable PDF to paid registrants about 30 days after the initial live presentation.


Can I get credit if I livestream these courses?

CE credit for state licenses in the United States depends on individual state guidelines regarding streaming. Details will be provided on a state-by-state basis as posted on this website.

Can I get credit if I watch the online replays at a different time rather than the live streaming course?

CE credits for state licenses in the United States depends on individual state guidelines regarding live streaming. Details will be provided on a state-by-state basis as posted on this website.

If I attended onsite or the livestream, can I also watch recorded replays later?

Yes, the course will be available as video replays within 48 hours after the livestream.


Who should I contact for technical difficulties with the live-streaming video, recorded replays, or the website?

Email HERE for any issues with the website, live-streaming programs, recorded replays, or transcript downloads.

Who should I contact with questions about the material?

Join and check discussions on the members only facebook group for an answer to specific topics.

What is your cancellation and refund policy?

Registrants canceling 4 weeks or more before the livestream presentation that have not downloaded any of the course materials may receive a refund less a $50 cancellation fee. Other refunds are not available, but registrants may transfer their payment to a specific future module. Refunds are not available for any On Demand purchases.

Always verify your state CE requirements before attending via livestream or online replays.

The Kharrazian Institute reserves the right to cancel the course. In the unlikely event of a cancellation, KI will issue a full refund of the registration fee, but will not be responsible for any other charges incurred by the registrant due to the cancellation of the course.

Refunds are not available to online registrants for any internet connectivity issues or failures during the livestreaming event since recorded replays are available after the live event.

If you have questions regarding this policy, please email HERE.