The Kharrazian Institute is an educational institute that teaches healthcare professionals how to use evidence-based nutritional, dietary, and lifestyle approaches to improve the lives of patients suffering from chronic health conditions. 

Dr. Kharrazian has a unique ability to integrate medical literature with real-life patient treatment to develop effective clinical models, which have been successfully applied by healthcare practitioners throughout the last 20 years. 

The clinical models he has developed have dramatically impacted countless healthcare and medical clinics throughout the United States, Europe, and Asia. The Kharrazian Institute currently has more than 3,000 healthcare providers enrolled in courses from all regions of the world. His educational programs have been adopted by universities and used for post-graduate medical education.

The Kharrazian Institute students represent a multi-disciplinary group of practitioners that include physicians and allied healthcare professionals (MD, DO, DC, ND, NP,  RN, OD, PA, LAc, RD, nutritionists, and health coaches) dedicated to applying personalized and lifestyle medicine approaches to chronic conditions.  

Students in the institute network, support one another in their professional development, and help find appropriate referrals for their clients and patients. The Kharrazian institute has developed a community of dedicated healthcare providers who are committed to clinical excellence.