Chronic Anxiety and Nervousness is Due to Neuroinflammation
Dr. Kharrazian Discusses Chronic Anxiety
Even a Mild Brain Injury Can Impact Your Life Years later
Dr. Kharrazian Discusses Brain Injury
Neuroinflammation and Chronic Unresponsive Depression
Dr. Kharrazian Discusses Depression

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The Kharrazian institute is committed to teaching healthcare professionals the clinical models developed by Dr. Datis Kharrazian to help them improve the lives of their patients.


Neuroinflammation – May 18-19, 2019

The Neuroinflammation course will discuss the immune system of the brain and different variables that can induce neurological inflammation…

Brain-Gut & Gut-Brain Axis – Sep 20-21, 2019

The last decade of brain research has focused on the relationship between the microbiota and the brain and the impact of microbiota on brain health…

Neurological Autoimmunity – Nov 9-10, 2019

The rates of autoimmune disease are rising at an alarming rate and the brain and peripheral nervous system are common target sites for an autoimmune attack…

Cerebral Vascular Disease and Cerebral Hypoxia

Cerebral vascular disease is a common cause of brain impairment, injury, and dementia. Many factors such as blood pressure, cardiac disorders, pulmonary conditions…

Diabetes and Metabolic Diseases That Impact the Brain

Diabetes is the most common metabolic disease in United States and throughout the world. Diabetes can promote numerous insults to the brain and peripheral nervous…

Dementia, Depression, and Cognitive Dysfunctions

Impaired memory, loss of focus and attention, depression, and cognitive disorders are the most frequent complaints to health care providers. This course will highlight the connection…

Neuronal Plasticity and Mitochondrial Biogenesis

Research institutions have invested enormous amounts of effort into investigating the mechanisms that promote brain plasticity. Various types of dietary behavior…

Childhood Developmental Disorders, PANDAS, and Autism

The rates of all childhood developmental disorders, autism, and PANDAS are on the rise. In this module we will review the underlying mechanisms involved and discuss how…

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